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  1. “Mr Dowling and the Wow Factor”
    Men’s Journal Quarterly, Summer 1984
     Read This Interview

  2. “Postcards from the Flight Deck”
    Eidolon 4, Summer 1991
     Read This Interview

  3. “Riding the Tiger”
    Eidolon 12, Autumn 1993
     Read This Interview

  4. “Terry Dowling: Australian Talespinner”
    Locus 401 (Vol 32, No 6), June 1994

  5. “When was the last time you noticed the shape of the light-switch in your bedroom: A Profile of Terry Dowling”
    Sirius 11, March 1996

  6. “The Terry Dowling Interview”
    Piffle & Other Trivia 26, September 1997

  7. “Je dois être condamné à danser dans les ténèbres!”
    Ténèbres 3, July / Sept. 1998 (Interviewed by Stephen Dedman)
     Read This Interview

  8. “Smoking Mirrors, with a Hint of Scrimshaw”
    Interzone, Number 146, Aug. 1999 (Interviewed by Van Ikin and Steven Paulsen)
     Read This Interview

  9. “The Terry Dowling Interview”
    SF Review, 5EBI-FM (23/6/00 / 14/7/00 / 4/8/00) (Interviewed by Peter McNamara)

  10. “The Ikin Interviews: Terry Dowling”
    Aurealis 30, October 2002 (Interviewed by Van Ikin)
     Read This Interview

  11. “Terry Dowling Interview”
    Adventure Gamers, 8 October 2003 (Interviewed by Marek Bronstring),292
     Read This Interview

  12. “Just Adventure Speaks with Terry Dowling”
    Just Adventure, June 2004 (Interviewed by Randy Sluganski and Robert Washburne) 
     Read This Interview

  13. “Utpok”
    Game.exe 121, #08, C&C Computer Publishing Limited, 2005 (Russia)
    (Interviewed by Michael "Tolstiy" Kabanov et al) 

  14. “The Weird Talesman: An Interview with Terry Dowling”
    Studies in Australian Weird Fiction 1, Equilibrium Books, March 2008
    (Interviewed by Benjamin Szumskyj)
     Read This Interview

  15. “Time for Tom Rynosseros: An Interview with Terry Dowling”
    Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 35, June 2008
    (Interviewed by Edwina Harvey)
     Read This Interview

  16. “A Darkling Smile: An Interview with Terry Dowling”
    The New York Review of Science Fiction, Number 261, Vol.22, No.9, May 2010
     Read This Interview

  17. “An Intimate Knowledge of the Night”
    A Review by Cheryl McNeil
     Read This Article

  18. Peter McNamara: An Appreciation, 9 June 2004
    Read This Appreciation

  19. Leigh Blackmore, “Marvels and Horrors: Terry Dowling’s Clowns at Midnight”
    21st Century Gothic: Great Gothic Novels Since 2000, Edited by Danel Olson, The Scarecrow Press 2011

  20. “Making Strange: A Gothic Conversation with Terry Dowling”
    Cemetery Dance #66, April 2012. Conducted by Danel Olson.
    Read This Interview Read This Interview

  21. “Dancing with Scheherazade: Some Reflections in the Djinni’s Glass”
    Parabolas of Science Fiction, Edited by Brian Attebery and Veronica Hollinger, Wesleyan University Press, 2013
     Read This Article

  22. “Kirth Gersen: The Other Demon Prince”
    Science Fiction #11, Vol.4, No.2, June 1982
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